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  • Keypad (TGS01)  


    New generation Design, different Keypad !

  • Istanbul Door Fair 2014  


    We will be in Istanbul Door Fair (Tuyap) at 12-15 March 2014 as Kontal Electronic

  • 220 V - 24 V Buzzer Flashing Lamp  


    Warning During Working with Buzzer, 220 V- 24 V Options Blinker

  • 6 Channels Wall Button  


    6 Channels 433 Mhz Rolling Code Transmitter

  • New Battery Safety Photocell   


    12 Meter working distance, 2 years battery life and easy installation

  • The New Safety Photocell !  


    Protection for Sun, working in every condition.

  • Shutter Reciever via Button, Transmitter Control  


    Unique design Shutter reciever via Button and Transmitter control

  • RF and Button Controller Motor Control Card  


    Easy installation, Control by Button on it and also Control by RF transmitter.

  • Hand Motion Sensor  


    Usable in cant touchable area like Operation rooms in Hospitals. When you put your hand closer to YF Relay will be activated.

  • Microwave Radar  


    Move Sensor For Use in Sliding Doors

Buzzer Flashing Lamp
Buzzer Flashing Lamp 220 - 24 V

Not effected by Sun.Dual zone safety photocel...

6 Channels Wall Button Transmitter

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